2 Easy Ways to Keep the Pounds Away During the Holidays!

It is easiest to gain extra pounds in holidays than at other times of the year. Guess why? Well you don’t need too hard on it! Come on, it is holiday season, so we don’t have jobs to run after, which in turn means that we are less active than usual. Add to it the gazillion holiday parties that we have to attend to, and the calorie-rich foods served therein, and it won’t take you long to add two and two and make four! Fortunately though, it is not too hard to avoid holiday weight gain! But how would you do it? Read on to find out!

Usually people gain a minimum of five pounds during the holidays; some even gain as many as ten pounds which is not good news at all, and yet some others quit their diet programs! However, if you follow my step-by-step weight loss strategy, neither of these things would ever happen to you!

1. Stay active: Okay, since it is holiday it is understandable that you are taking a break from your job. But that doesn’t mean that you would be sitting at home the entire day, right? For starters, you may take the entire family on a brisk walk every morning! Or, how about a short vacation!

If you have children, why not play with them for a few hours everyday? That way, not only you but even your kids would remain fit and healthy by burning extra calories! Keep in mind that working out in the gym is not the only way to keep yourself fit; there are other and much easier ways to help you achieve the same results!

2. Savor but keep your appetite under control: With holidays arrive huge arrays of tasty foods that are simply irresistible! And there is no reason to deprive yourself of these foods simply out of fear of possible weight gain! Holidays come only once in a year, and if you don’t enjoy yourself at this time, when else you will? Plus depriving yourself of anything is really not a very wise decision on your part, for usually it increases your food cravings all the more!

What you could do instead is to control your appetite! No, I don’t mean to say that you should pop dozens of appetite suppressing pills before attending any party! What you should do is just taste all the foods available at the party by eating a handful of each of them, but you must NOT eat beyond that limit! Don’t gobble lots of junk foods as that would make you fat!

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