Weight Loss After Birth

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Many health advisors have expressed fears that many mothers are risking their health in trying to lose pregnancy fat, by copying ‘stick thin’ celebrities.

Young mothers face constant pressure from TV and glossy magazines with photos of celebrity mothers who ‘seem to ‘easily snap back into shape just weeks after giving birth.

One has to remember that many of these celebrities have their own pressures to regain their figures as soon as possible, and while most can employ nannies, dietitians, and personal trainers to help them achieve their weight loss after giving birth, the majority of ordinary mother do not, and cannot.

While it is perfectly understandable why a woman after pregnancy would want to lose weight quickly, namely as fast as possible, they need to proceed with caution.

Although it is possible to lose a little weight, in a relatively short period of time after giving birth, they should know that there are dangers associated with doing so.

Many health experts are concerned that some new mothers trying to emulate the same results as these ‘celebrity moms’ are resorting to unhealthy crash diets or setting unrealistic goals – such as attempting to regain their former figure by the time their child is only a few weeks old.

Doctors have advised against cutting out dairy products, particular for breastfeeding women. Because in extreme cases, it could lead to a calcium deficiency putting these mothers at risk from osteoporosis later in life.

A very limited and low calorie diet weight loss after delivery can also cause a mothers milk to dry up or lead to a lack of vital fat for the baby’s nourishment.

Although losing weight after a pregnancy is important to avoid obesity, diabetes and heart problems in the future. Postpartum weight loss should be gradual and controlled with light exercise and realistic weight loss targets.

The amount of weight gain during pregnancy can very widely, although the experts say that the average anywhere between 15lb and 35 lbs.

The best weight loss after pregnancy program, and to keep it off, is to lose weight gradually. Nothing too extreme. Healthy eating and physical fitness go together, and a good balance diet is required.

Women who want to lose weight after pregnancy should not cut out food groups or embark on severe restricted diets, especially if they are breastfeeding.

Dairy products are important for calcium and protein. Fruits and Vegetables are also important. They are low in fat and calories, and a great source of vitamins, potassium, fiber and carbohydrate energy, but they are very nutritious to ensure mother and baby stay as healthy as possible.

The last thing a mother needs after giving birth is to put themselves under pressure to get back to a particular size or shape too quickly. Women gain weight in pregnancy for a reason. For the healthy growth and development of the baby plus for the nutritional fat stores for breast feeding the baby afterward.

Information contained in this article is not meant to replace professional advice. Always check with your physician before starting any weight loss or exercise program.

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Dieting Tips For Fast Weight Loss – How To Jump-start Your Diet

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Do you want to lose weight fast? While there is no diet that will allow you to eat as much as you want and still lose weight, there are things you can do to speed along the process. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the most important aspects of any diet, but there are appetite suppressants and diet aids designed to help you burn fat and increase your metabolic rate. There are many safe diet products available but keep in mind some products may have severe side effects so choose your diet aids carefully.

You can speed the weight loss process by choosing the types of foods you eat
carefully. A low fat, reduced calorie diet is one of the best ways to lose
weight. You won’t lose weight over night but you should see a gradual drop in
your weight over time. Generally, the more weight one has to lose, the faster
the weight will disappear. Those who are severely obese will lose weight at a
much faster rate then someone who is only moderately overweight.

Diets that produce very fast weight loss are usually not for long-term use.
Starvation or fad diets should last a short period of time. A lack of good
nutrition can lead to permanent health problems. You can lose a large amount of
weight quickly with these diets which may give you the will power to continue
your weight loss efforts when you change to a more nutritionally sound type of
diet. Your health is the most important consideration when choosing a diet plan
or product. See your doctor before starting a weight loss program.

Your diet should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, and lean meats.
Prepare your food without added fats such as butter or cooking oil. Make sure
you take a vitamin each day while dieting. A short term weight loss plan may be
very helpful to you in the initial stages of your diet, but over time your body
requires healthy eating habits and exercise to keep the weight off once you have
lost it. Good nutrition is imperative to you health. Any diet that allows you to
lose weight quickly is not a long-term solution and should only be used briefly.

There are many products available to help you lose weight. There are
supplements, diet plans, programs and online support systems to
help you manage your eating habits and measure your weight loss progress. Some
of these companies provide support and help with your dieting program. We can
help you by providing you with a free list of our recommended best sources for
effective weight loss products and services. To view our list of recommended
sources to help you lose weight or to read
more articles about dieting visit: Recommended Weight Loss & Diet Resources Online.

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Couples Weight Loss: Build A Team That Can’t Be Beaten

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Some spouses (or partners) criticize their beloved for “needing to lose weight” in a way that is fundamentally damaging to the relationship. In addition to harming the bond that “being attractive” is supposed to enhance, such criticism actively impedes actual efforts to lose weight while masquerading as help. An antagonistic, criticism-based approach to weight loss may be well suited to a drill instructor, but their goal is not to win your love; antagonistic weight loss has no place in romantic relationships.

What can and does work is for both parties to be on the same side. Being overweight is often exacerbated by–and further aggravates–“low self-esteem.” Any additional criticism only makes that core situation worse. One of the best alternatives is for both partners to create a shared approach to eating that accounts for the strengths and weaknesses of both partners as a team and which views “negative eating-behaviors” as the only–and mutual–opponent. Having a common goal and a common opponent can bring couples closer together. Why not convert divisiveness into constructive, cohesive teamwork. Social support is so critical to human beings, that many problems are best approached as a team.

My mentor, Harvey, loved to tell teaching stories. They were parables which many weeks or years later we would begin to understand and apply to our lives. Harvey often referred to the extensive healing network he had built as “the softball team that could not be beaten.”

Harvey said the secret to building an unbeatable team was not that each member had to be an individual star who could out-perform all the competition. The secret was to know the abilities and limitations of each player so well that you could assemble a team in which every individual’s weakness was effectively compensated for by the strength of another team member! With this careful composition, the team could accomplish together what none of its individual members could do alone.

This story planted a seed that matured years later when I realized I could be part of a team that could triumph over the opponent of obesity, which had defeated me, battling it alone, for decades. This principle is one of the greatest secrets of how my partner, Debbie, and I succeeded in losing over 100 pounds between us–as a team–where it had been truly impossible for us as individuals; meeting this challenge as a team did not drain or strain our relationship, it inspired and enriched our ways of being together.

First, in Harvey’s model, you must learn each players’ strengths and weaknesses. For a weight-loss team, if partner A is the more impulsive eater, then partner B should do the shopping. I could not make it through grocery shopping without eating snacks in the store and buying things I later regretted having at home. My partner, Debbie, did not have much trouble shopping wisely. To balance out the tasks, partner A could be put in charge of cutting up and putting the raw meats and vegetables into a slow cooker in the mornings when many impulse eaters have not yet begun the snacking cycle and are unlikely to snack on raw meat anyway! (There are so few fans of chicken tar tar.)

That impulsive person A can also help with online shopping where the food is only an image on glass and has no calories. This results in better food choices and despite the fee for home delivery we more than compensated by preventing impulse buying! Grocery stores and marketers and packaging experts have invested literally millions of dollars to seduce and coerce shoppers into buying more than they planned to when entering the store. They have a huge team! You need one too.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a team and divide up the tasks so the best person is assigned to every food related task and you are guaranteed to get better results than letting each person attempt to do everything best they can. If you have a weight issue, it’s because this approach has already failed. What if dieting brought a couple closer together instead of driving them apart? Whatever your personal strengths or weaknesses, you can be part of a winning team.

See Dr Masa and Debbie Hart’s ebook, “How We Lost Our First 100 Pounds Together: Romantic Weight Loss for Couples.”

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How Easy Is It to Get Rid of Fatty Thighs? Read on to Find Out!

When it comes to flabby arms or fatty thighs, people often tend to put the blame squarely on their genes and parents. It is true that genes do affect our body weight to an extent, but they cannot make you so fat as to give your thigh an ugly and bulky look!

If you have fatty thighs, it just means that you have eaten too much of fatty foods (fatty foods = fatty thighs, makes sense eh?) and led a sedentary life. However, if you are willing to do the needful, it is possible to get rid of those fatty thighs in no time! Ready? Okay let me tell you what you need to do for this purpose.

1. Be patient: While I am not trying to be a sexist here, I have found that when it comes to weight loss, women usually tend to become more impatient than men. The fact remains that just as you didn’t gain weight overnight, you also shouldn’t expect to lose the same within twenty-four hours!

Even if you don’t see the scales dropping after a week of rigorous workout and dieting, don’t give up yet and don’t panic! Weight loss takes time and it is possible that you won’t see any positive results in the first few weeks. However if you stay on track and keep doing the things others have done to lose weight successfully, you are sure to reach your goal at some point of time!

It is wrong on your part to assume that losing weight is too hard, and it is equally wrong to believe that obesity is a family curse which you have to bear throughout your entire life. Remember that you have the freedom to choose the way you want to lead your life, and if you wish to become slimmer by getting rid of the extra pounds, you CAN!

2. Don’t shy away from workouts: Women often shy away from workouts, partly because they are strenuous and boring, and partly because they are afraid of acquiring muscular bodies like those of the WWF wrestlers and losing their femininity. That is not true at all!

There are usually two types of weight loss workouts: one which helps you lose weight by burning your fat deposits and the other which makes you strong by build strong lean muscle mass for you. However, neither would be able to provide you a bodybuilder’s body, firstly because a female body lacks the amount of testererone needed to build that kind of body and secondly, it takes more than just workouts to become a bodybuilder (think supplements and pills).

In my opinion, working out is probably one of the best and quickest ways to get rid of fatty thighs! However I don’t recommend doing long boring cardios. Cardios are good for sure, but they alone cannot help you achieve the kind of slim figure you want within a very short time.

For best results, you should combine cardios with intense workouts. Weight lifting is one of the best intense workouts for quick thigh fat loss. As for cardios, walking is simple, easy and effective. Besides walking, rope jumping, running, dancing, swimming, playing outdoor sports such as basketball or tennis, etc., are all equally effective in helping you acquire slimmer and sexier thighs!

Now that you know how to get rid of fatty thighs, what are you waiting for? Get started right now, and five or six months from now you would be able to show off your slim legs proudly to your friends!


Clarifying The Three Most Common Weight Loss Fallacies

The various fitness magazines are always producing tips on weight loss. As you likely know, these tips work some of the time and occasionally they don’t. Commonly speaking, any tip that promotes fad diets, weight loss pills and other supplements will not work. Any basic tip that combines diet with exercise will regularly work. There is a lot of misleading information out there inside the weight loss business. Also, individuals will make myths when it is useful for them to do so. Let’s now talk about 3 of the most regular weight loss myths out there.

1. Weight loss myth 1: It is possible to spot drop of fat deposits. This statement is not factual and any weight loss expert will have the same opinion about this. Irrespective of the kind of workout you attempt, you cannot make your body spot reduce flab under any circumstances. Let’s say for example that you desire to take off belly flab by focusing on leg lifts and crunches. In doing so, you will notice that your belly fat will stay the same and the muscle mass inside your stomach will actually grow. So, the best method to reduce your belly fat would be to combine your leg lifts and crunches with a healthy diet. In this way, your metabolic rate will rise and you will burn fat very quickly.

2. Weight loss myth 2: Cutting your calories drastically will decrease your body flab. Again, this report is absolutely false. This myth has caused a lot of individuals to crash diet in an effort to rapidly drop pounds. The trouble is that crash dieting does more harm than good to your body. When you start fasting, your body switches into a starvation mode. While in this mode, your metabolic rate slows right down and your muscle burn up, while your flab is in fact kept in reserve for emergency use. So, crash dieting causes extremely little fat loss whereas much muscle destruction will take place. After you go back to your previous eating style, you will actually put on extra pounds.

3. Weight loss myth 3: If you do only cardio exercises, you will effectively lose weight. Although it is true that cardio exercises assist with weight loss, there are many other helpful weight loss exercises. A few examples would include aerobics, pilates and yoga. Aerobics and cardio exercises, for example, both result in approximately the same amount of weight loss. Weight training is still more effective at fat decrease and you will go on burning fat, even after you have finished your exercises.

Hopefully this article has given you clarity around the common myths surrounding weight loss.

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The Surefire Approach To Quick Weight Loss For Teenagers

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In these days of quick fixes and surefire diets for quick weight loss allow me to share some common sense and quick fixes to teenage weight loss. This may not make you the most popular parent, but it will make your kids healthier.

Teenage obesity is fast becoming a growing menace (pun intended)! One reason behind it is that it is very difficult to handle and control the lifestyle habits of teenagers. Teenagers always try to live life on their own terms since they believe that they are mature enough to take all important decisions of their lives. Still, there are a number of ways you can make sure that your teenage kids are always fit and slim.

Consider these questions, if you will. Have you ever taught the difference of healthy and unhealthy foods to your kids? Have you ever taught your kids how to identity those two types of foods? Have you ever offered him home cooked meals? Have you ever prevented him from eating junk foods from outside, or watching television for hours?

If your answer to all these questions is no, I regret to say that you have not really been a good parent. But you are not the only one of a kind. Many parents make their kids eat junk foods because they are not only a cheaper alternative to home cooked meals but also save them time. Some parents would prefer watching television or gossiping rather than cooking meals at home. Lastly, many parents are working, which gives the teen the chance to eat what they want and not what is good for them.

If kids are not made to taste healthy foods right from the beginning, if he is never taught to identify good and bad foods, it is only natural that he would continue with the unhealthy habits of his childhood right into adolescence and beyond! If one has never eaten anything except junk foods as a child, it is not unnatural that he would develop a certain kind of distaste towards organic foods as he grows older. These unhealthy eating habits are one of the primary reasons behind teenage obesity.

Changing our teenager’s eating habit is a lot harder than changing the food habits of a little kid. The only way you can change our kid’s eating habit is by changing your food choices first. When we become proactive at weight loss and fitness, your teenage kids would follow suit.

Another reason behind obesity is the influence of television. Television not only makes a teenager idle but also influences his mind with those attractive ads on junk and fatty foods. As a parent, it is our responsibility to make sure that our kids don’t watch television for a long time period. We should encourage them to indulge in outdoor sports or at least take a walk outside.

As a parent, you should neither allow your kids to buy junk foods nor bring them yourself at home. When junk foods are available just right at the corner, neither you nor your kids would be able to resist the temptation. For goodness’ sake, it is best to throw junk foods out of our home.

The kitchen and refrigerator should be stocked only with organic foods; that way, you can make sure the whole family eats them more often than junk foods. Eating organic foods is one of the best ways to keep your calorie consumption low. This, coupled with a little physical activity, would do well both to you and your adolescent kids.

As for a diet program, you really don’t need one, but if you want to follow a good diet, take a look at a one that fits and works for you. A diet without the food restrictions of the fad diets. When you start following it, you won’t feel like you are dieting. Couple that diet with a good fat burning exercise program. All of which you need to talk over with your medical doctor.

Remember that as parents, we have the choice to teach healthy or unhealthy lifestyle habits to our kids. However, you need to teach your kids, especially teenagers, through action instead of mere words of wisdom. When you start losing weight as a result of following a healthy lifestyle, your kids would do the same. This is really a great way to fight teenage obesity.

Walter L. Scheu Sr. Th.D. writes article reviews for and about products and/or services etc., which may be seen on the internet. He and his bride run a small family farm in North Carolina. This article is about losing weight, and he knows these tips work well! Hopefully you have found this article informative as well as interesting and desire more information. Please click this link: http://getridofthefat.blogspot.com/

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Five Health Foods That Maybe Making You Sick

There are many of us who are dieting and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. We exercise and go out of our way to eat the best foods we can. Most of us already know that trans-fats, white sugar and white flour are not the best health choices, especially if we want to keep our weight down.

Unfortunately some of the very foods that we think are healthy are ones that can cause a lot of trouble for our bodies, and even make us ill. Below is a list of some surprisingly unhealthy “health foods.”

Artificial Sweeteners
Many people who are dieting, whether it is low calorie or low carb diets, will opt for beverages with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Admittedly sugar is certainly a troublemaker and should be avoided, but artificial sweeteners are actually worse for you and could even be dangerous to your health.

All the artificial sweeteners are bad, but one of the worst sweeteners for us is NutraSweet (Equal, aspartame). There are over 92 different health related side effects associated with aspartame consumption, including brain tumors, birth defects, diabetes, emotional disorders and epilepsy/seizures. There are more adverse reactions to NutraSweet reported to the FDA than all other foods and additives combined.

A much better alternative to chemically derived sweeteners is stevia, which comes from a plant. It has been used for centuries with no know side effects. It can be purchased in most health food stores in the United States.

Sports Drinks
Although marketers would have us believe that sports drinks are what the body needs when exercising heavily, the truth is that sports drinks are filled with sugar (sucrose, glucose, and fructose) and salt (potassium and sodium) as well as artificial flavorings and colorings. Add a little salt to Cool-Aid and you have about the same thing. You would be much better off drinking spring water or diluted freshly squeezed juices while exercising.

Most Energy and Sports Bars
Most sports and bars are also filled with things that are not the best for our bodies, and are little better than candy bars. Many of them contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic nutrients. Check the ingredients before you buy an energy bar. Try to find one that is made with whole foods, such as oats and flax seeds, fruits, and natural sweeteners.

Soy Products
This is one of the most surprising ones of all, after all soy has been used for countless generations in Asia. But the way we now use soy is very different than the way the Asians have traditionally used it. The ancient Asians knew that the soybean was hard to digest, so they had extensive fermenting processes that broke down most of the indigestible components, making it much healthier to eat. Examples of this would be products like soy sauce, tempeh, and miso. These were used in small amounts as condiments and flavorings, not as a meat replacement.

But the way we use soy as a meat alternative (texturized vegetable protein or TVP) can be very unhealthy, since soy contains large amounts of toxins or anti-nutrients. Some of the problems the anti-nutrients in soybeans cause are conditions of the pancreas, cancer and thyroid problems. Soybeans also can block the body’s absorption of essential minerals.

Granola (and Other Unprepared Grains)
For the last 30-40 years granola has been synonymous with heath food. But eating unprepared grains, or grains that have not been soaked, fermented or sprouted, has only come about in the last 50-100 years. People who lived before our time understood that unprepared grains could cause dietary distress.

There are anti-nutrients in grains (like there are in soybeans), such as phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, that make them harder to digest. These antinutrients can cause serious problems like Crohn’s disease, colitis, and even mental disorders. Our failure to prepare our grains properly is one of the reasons that celactic disease is so prevalent now.

So, stay away from the granola. Oatmeal is an excellent addition to our diets, but use whole rolled oats (not instant) and soak them overnight before boiling them for breakfast. Go to our recipe blog at http://coconut-recipes.blogspot.com for a good recipe for coconut oatmeal.

Good breads to eat are those that have properly prepared grains, including whole grain sourdough and sprouted grain breads. You can usually find these in specialty grocery stores and health food stores.dr bernstein diet

If you are trying to lose weight and/or eat healthier, remember that just because a company markets a “healthy” product well or a health food store sells it, it doesn’t mean that it is really healthy for you. Do some research before you grab that sports bar, or better yet, reach for an organic apple, cherries, or some other natural (not processed) food. Your body will thank you and reward you for it.velashape cellulite

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Avoid The Acai Berry Weight Loss Or Total Body Cleanse Scam

Acai Berry For Weight Loss and Total Body Cleanse.

I recommend the acai berry (all natural nutritional supplements) for your weight loss plan and total body cleanse. There are many known, tried and tested health benefits that we derive when we take pure acai berry (nutritional supplement) as part of our overall health program. The Acai Berry is full of antioxidants, fiber, omega oils, and a host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help us prevent cancer, lower the risk of heart disease, reduce our weight, cleanse our colon and counter diabetes. The list of health benefits is very long and I am really not focusing on the known benefits but just highlighting a few. The problem arises when we try to purchase the product. Especially, when we try to purchase the (natural nutritional supplements) from a review site or add online. We need to avoid the scam of so many companies offering an inferior product.

Inferior Acai Berry Natural Nutritional Supplements.

The inferior product is not just limited to those sold online. They are also sold in many health food and specialty stores along with the drug stores like Walgreens and CVS and the big box stores like Walmart. The stores and the websites are not responsible for the inferior product they sell, but their reputation is at stake. For me I want to only be associated with the highest quality product and the best customer service. To assure that these are some things that I do and would suggest you do likewise before you purchase anything online or even at a store, no matter their name.

Steps to Ensure Quality.

* First of all you should read the ingredients. Even if you are purchasing something online there should be a link or some type of complete list of the ingredients just as if you had the bottle in hand. Many of us do not know what we are reading, but we all know there are no artificial ingredients in (natural nutritional supplements).
* Read the guarantee or return policy. Avoid those that give you a week or even two to return the product. That is not enough time to evaluate the effectiveness of the product. Many times online if you do not cancel by that time you have been enrolled in an auto ship program which is not good for a product that you have not evaluated. The best return policy allows you to return the empty bottle for a full refund. If you have a thirty day supply and you have completely used the product you have had an opportunity to determine if the (acai berry weight loss program) supplement will benefit you.
* Avoid any auto ship program until you are certain that the product works for you. That is the biggest scam to enroll you for little or no money (just pay for shipping and handling for the free trial size) and then you are enrolled for a monthly bill charged to your credit card that is hard to get out of let alone get a refund.
* Above all things call the company, talk to customer service and ask questions about the return policy as well as the product itself. One question to ask is if the acai berry is freeze dried and what else is in the product. If it is not freeze dried immediately and if there are any additives in the acai berry nutritional supplement avoid it. The key though is how easy you get through to customer service (not sales) and how responsive they are to your questions. A company that offers a good product and has good customer service and a good product is one that I would do business with.

One such company is Perfect Acai (herbal nutritional supplements) and I would not hesitate to purchase from them online. Their products are those that I would offer a highest recommendation. Click here to visit their site and review the Perfect Acai Berry Natural Nutritional Supplements for (acai berry weight loss plan) and Total Body Cleanse.

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Easy Weight Loss – A Weight Off Your Mind

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A recent conversation I had shocked me into putting pen to paper (or rather fingers to keys) to write this article. The conversation concerned dieting, a subject that always fascinates me, as the majority of women I know are obsessed with their eating and drinking habits due to their never ending diet! My colleague rambled about the many dieting regimes she had tried and how they seemed great initially but eventually failed miserably. She sighed deeply and seemed resigned to the never ending struggle of the continuous life-long diet, an arduous chore for anybody!

However before I could offer advice or support, my colleague piped up, with hope in her voice, “Maybe I will try that hypnosis thing.” Now that was music to my ears! As a qualified hypnotherapist, I am always amazed how many people turn to hypnosis or hypnotherapy as a last resort. They will have tried every conceivable way to overcome their weight issues, smoking habits, phobias etc and turn to hypnotherapy when all hope is lost – this is their first mistake!

It is a well known fact that over 90% of diets fail and what’s worse is that 30% of people who do manage to lose the weight, put it all back on plus more, after they have worked so hard to lose it! Diets may work in the short term, but once the old eating habits are re-established weight gain is inevitable. In order to lose weight successfully, unhealthy eating habits need to be changed long term and no amount of dieting is going to do that.

Furthermore, as human beings we are driven by the ‘pleasure and pain’ principle and it governs all areas of our lives from the job we chose to the way we spend our weekends. We are driven to seek pleasure (comfort from chocolate or a glass of wine) and strive to avoid pain (the arduous struggle of eating what we really don’t want to eat and not eating what we crave!). So we ‘attempt’ to lose weight with minimal commitment as we fear the struggle and pain that it will ultimately cause us.

Of course this is not the case for everyone. Some individuals have a positive and healthy approach to eating which means that they eat what’s right for their body and this knowledge is what brings them pleasure. Pain to them would be a diet laden with fat and sugar etc.

So why do some of us struggle daily with eating healthily and maintaining an ideal weight, whilst others go through life with no conception of what a diet involves?

Well emotions play a large part in our relationship to food – the ‘comfort eater’ (compulsive eater) will eat to keep whatever negative emotions they are experiencing at bay, whether it be the feeling of not being good enough, or feeling unappreciated. How many of you, after a bad day at the office or with the kids, have taken comfort, literally in a glass of wine, some chocolate or other nibbles? And after comforting ourselves, we then feel the ‘pain’ or guilt when we have overindulged, forcing us to seek out pleasure once more to overcome this pain. And so the cycle of comfort eating begins.

Some people simply have poor eating habits which they have either learnt in childhood or adopted themselves later in life. Like any habit, unhealthy eating practices can be difficult to overcome and replace with more positive healthier ones. Poor, unhealthy eating habits literally need to be rewritten and positive, healthier ones reinforced in order for individuals to lose/maintain a healthy weight and body.

So how can both the comfort eater and the habit eater lose weight successfully, effortlessly and naturally and furthermore, maintain the weight loss? Most diets (especially those that offer supplements to actual meals) whilst they work in the short term do not attempt to alter an individual’s eating habits and as mentioned earlier, once we stop the diet, we revert back to our old eating habits which caused our weight gain in the first instance. So no surprises that the weight we struggled to lose, creeps back on.

If you could alter your eating habits permanently then there would be no further need for dieting or the diet industry. So we can see why some dieting methods have no interest in helping the individual overcome their poor eating behaviour, as ultimately it affects their business and their profits! However this is not the case for all diets – some diet clubs set out specifically to help us change our eating habits, offering support along the way, in order for us to, once and for all, eat healthily and maintain an ideal weight.

So if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then the only way to do this is to change your eating habits. So how do you do this?

You can use one of the many dieting clubs which provide healthy eating plans and advice on how to lose weight naturally, positively and long term. Not only do you learn to adopt healthier eating patterns but you get much needed support from the representatives and other members too which is crucial, especially in the initial period when you are struggling to change what may be a life-long habit.

You can take the journey yourself – relying on your will power and determination to become a healthier, slimmer and fitter person. Ensure that you have plenty of support from friends and family along the way and if like me, you are a mother, incorporate new healthier meals into the family mealtimes, so the whole family can benefit too.

If you lack the will power to change your eating patterns and have tried and failed in the past, then hypnotherapy is an excellent way to lose weight effortlessly without struggling on and losing motivation. Hypnotherapy is a new and successful weight loss method which does not incorporate a diet and does not involve will power. So how does hypnotherapy work and why is it so much easier to lose weight by this method than it is through dieting?

Compulsive and habit eaters can both successfully and effortlessly lose weight with hypnotherapy by reprogramming the unconscious mind to adopt a healthy and positive eating pattern. However, for the compulsive eater, the cause of their overeating needs to be established first and resolved before any change can be made to their eating habits. This compulsion to overeat usually has its origins in childhood/early teens and can be something simple as associating food as a treat, when a child is rewarded with food for being good or working hard at school.

For both the compulsive and habit eater, weight loss can only be achieved by an alteration in their eating habits and hypnotherapy overwrites their old negative eating habits and replaces them with positive healthier ones. Habits are rooted in our unconscious mind and run automatically in the background without us consciously being aware of them. So in order for us to permanently alter our eating habits, this change needs to take place in the deepest part of our mind – the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy opens up communication with the unconscious mind, enabling us to overwrite the existing eating patterns and replace these with positive, healthier eating behaviour.

Once these new eating patterns have taken root in our unconscious mind, our struggle with dieting comes to an end. We consciously chose healthy foods and smaller portions and feel less desire to eat between meals as we feel pleasantly full after each meal time.

So whatever your eating habits are, whether they involve large portions, sugary foods, snacking etc hypnotherapy can help you overcome and replace them with more positive patterns which enable you to lose any excessive weight and maintain the weight loss too.

If you have been struggling for years on one long diet, then hypnotherapy is for you. Compared to the many years battling the bulge, hypnotherapy is a quick and easy way to lose weight and usually takes six sessions. Furthermore, eating a healthy balanced diet not only helps you lose weight, but it can also help with overall health and vitality, as well as confidence too. It may even assist in lifting your mood too.

So next time you check out what diets are available on the web, think twice. Do you want short term or long term gain?

Mairead Russell is a qualified and registered hypnotherapist (GHR) who works in the Central Manchester area. Mairead specializes in emotional and behavioral issues, including depression, anxiety disorders and stress. Mairead also has great success with weight loss, both for the habit and comfort eater. For further information please visit her web site http://www.mcrhypnotherapy.com or email at [email protected]

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Lap-Band Surgery For Weight Loss

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The benefits have been outlines for years regarding the benefits of lap-band surgery, compared to the more invasive gastric bypass procedure. Besides being safer, more effective, and coming with lesser side effects – Gastric Bypass surgery is more popular in North America, compared to the higher instances of lap-band surgery being completed all over the world.

How does lap-band surgery work? First, an inflatable tube is placed around the stomach, causing the stomach pouch to shrink and the health care professional is able to inject, or remove saline from this tube to change the size of the stomach pouch. This non invasive procedure does not use cutting, stapling or bypassing of any organs like the gastric bypass surgery.

After many patients experience the gastric bypass surgery, which involves cutting and stapling of the stomach, often bypassing parts of the large intestine – they experience a side effect referred to as dumping syndrome. Dumping syndrome occurs when food that has not been digested correctly enters into the large intestine and creates shock like effects on the body such as cold sweats, cramping and a chill. These horrible side effects can be seen from gastric-bypass surgery, but has not been demonstrated in lap-band surgery.

More patients are choosing lap-band surgery as it allows the stomach to return to a normal size once the band has been removed from the body. When a patient undergoes the gastric bypass procedure, they must live with the effects for the rest of their life.

The lap-band is often adjusted ten to twelve times before the optimal results are seen. These results are referred to as the “sweet spot” by patients. If the band is too loose, than food will be allowed to enter the stomach and if the band is too tight, it may be difficult to get proper nutrition.

Should you avoid any foods after the lap-band procedure? Foods that should be avoided are pudding and any other food that resemble a liquid. Is it difficult for the lap-band to distinguish between these types as they can slide down the stomach pouch with ease? Foods that cannot be chewed easily should be avoided. Asparagus and steak are difficult to chew, meaning it could lead to a full feeling quicker, leaving the patient unsatisfied. After the band has been inserted, the patient can learn to chew food well, as this will impact the way that the food is digested into the body.

Combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet which is rich in protein and fruit the lap-band patient can expect to lose a healthy amount of one to two pounds per week. Studies have shown that weight lost at this interval stays off, even after the lap-band has been removed.

Once the band has been removed, the patient has been exposed to healthy eating habits and exercise habits for an extended period of time. This allows for a healthy recovery and continued maintenance of the weight loss throughout the recovery period.

As a safe and effective procedure, the lap-band procedure is cutting edge in weight loss without the side effects and invasive surgical procedures.

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